We pride ourselves on the care and attention we give to where we source our ingredients from and how we treat them. Our olive oil comes directly from our family friend in Caserta, our flour is the traditional 00 flour used in Naples, although we can offer gluten free bases or whole wheat alternatives. Our bases are vegan.

We source our vegetables from local suppliers and our canned, cured and chilled products largely from locally based Italian suppliers.

We use a biga to create our dough, a type of sourdough starter, which creates a more resilient, flexible, workable dough - allowing us to stretch the dough more and therefore have a crisper, thinner crust. It also creates a more flavoursome base.

Our tomatoes are only the finest southern Italy has to offer and our cheeses are interesting alternatives or tried and trusted favourites from all over Italy and the UK. Vegan cheese are available too